These kits are designed for young (and not so young) plane spotters. They can be downloaded free. For best results print out the kits on white A4 250g card. The only tool necessary for construction is a pair of scissors. Further models will be added from time to time. Some of these aircraft-livery combinations are (or were) genuine . . .

British Airways A380
TUI Thomson Airways B787-9 Dreamliner
Thomson Airways B787 Dreamliner
British Airways B787 Dreamliner
Britannia Airways B767
British Airways B767 ('Landor' livery)

. . . and others not . . .

TUI A380
BEA A380
Pan Am A380
BEA B787
Monarch B767

You can design your own Boeing 787 livery by downloading these templates (B787 left, B787 right). Your options are either to design your livery on screen using graphics software (such as Windows Paint or Photoshop) or print the blank templates on white A4 card and use conventional colouring materials

To see photos of the models in 'ground' and 'flight' configuration,  click here

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