POINTS OF INTEREST (September 1962 to April 1965)

September 1962

- editorial comment on the hopes of the British aviation industry, including the P.1154, the proposed supersonic version of the P.1127

- B.A.C. One-Elevens have been ordered by US airlines Braniff and Mohawk

- report on August's maiden flight of D.H.125

- London will have a third international airport within the next ten years, possibly Luton or Stansted or a new site

- Beagle Airedale air test

October 1962

- editorial comment that the UK government is less supportive of aviation than French ditto

- details of proposed Anglo-French Mach 2.2 supersonic airliner, as yet unnamed

- price of the new D.H.125 bizjet will be £150,000 (approx £2.3m in today's money) while a new Turbulent can be had for just over £1,000 (£15,000)

- in an eerie harbinger of recent events the 1928 evacuation of Kabul by R.A.F. transports is described

- the R.A.F. and Navy are operating several aerobatic formation teams between them

November 1962

- Boeing jetliner total orders now stand at 475 units, 707s, 720s and 127 of the new 727, which has not yet flown

- details of Russia's new Ilyushin Il-62 airliner, a VC10 lookalike

- in the 'Registrations cancelled' section is reference to Super Constellation L1049H N6923C which ditched in the Atlantic on 23 September after double engine failure with the loss of 28 lives

December 1962

- comment on recent Cuban Missile Crisis

- Boeing 727 prototype rolled out

- DC-8 orders now total 184

- the first ten cadet pilots to graduate from the College of Air Training at Hamble have joined B.E.A.

- description of MiG-21 fighter

January 1963

- comparison on lift engines versus vectored thrust for V/STOL aircraft

- Anglo-French supersonic airliner unofficially named "Concord"

- winner of the US TFX (which will become the F-111) contest is the Convair Division of General Dynamics

February 1963

- Skybolt nuclear weapon scrapped, to be replaced by Polaris

- DC-8 orders now pass the 200 mark

- F-111 will feature variable-sweep wings and be capable of Mach 2.5

- description of new SAAB-37 Viggen, which is planned to fly in 1965

- target-towing Mosquitos still in service at Exeter

March 1963

- photo of Boeing 727 prototype on its maiden flight

- editorial comment that Britain lags behind France and Germany in provision of flying clubs

- criticism of impending Government White Paper on Defence

- Reims Aviation will assemble Cessna 172s and 175s in France

April 1963

- announcement of development of a STOL transport based on the Whitworth-Gloster AW.681

- BAC One-Eleven orders now stand at 41

- Cessna has delivered its 50,000th aircraft (a 172)

- first Buccaneer squadron afloat is No. 801 on Ark Royal

- a letter suggests replacing Shackletons with Vanguards or Comet 4Cs

May 1963

- first VC10 tail unit built by Sud-Aviation delivered to England

- Bristol Siddeley BS.100 vectored-thrust turbofan has been chosen to power the P.1154

- air test of Beagle 206

June 1963

- description of the Dassault Mirage IV

- Douglas DC-9 announced, expected to fly in the spring of 1965

- Trident air tested to Mach 0.96, normal cruise M = 0.875

- BOAC intend to reduce fleet from 62 to 52 aircraft by 1967 to cut losses

- Boeing 707 order book stands at 365

- Fokker F.27 order book stands at 237, including 95 built by Fairchild

July 1963

- history of Sabena

- PanAm orders 6 Concord aircraft; prototype expected to fly in 1966

- B.E.A. contemplating doubling its order for Tridents to 48 aircraft

- reconfigured engine installation on VC10s reduces drag

- Boeing 707, 720 and 727 total sales exceed 500

- description of USSR's Tu-20 'Bear'

August 1963

- Israel's Air Force

- new larger variants of B.A.C. One-Eleven announced

- R.N.A.S. Abbotsinch is to be rebuilt as the new Glasgow airport, replacing Renfrew

September 1963

- Battle of Britain display venues and types

- Continental Airlines (US) orders three Concords

- nuclear weapon systems

- article on BAC One-Eleven

- air test on float-equipped Tiger Moth 'Sea-Tiger'

- making the film '633 Squadron'

October 1963

- editorial comment on recruitment and training of professional pilots

- Blohm & Voss WW2 aircraft

- new escape system for V-bomber crews

- RAF Germany ops

- Breguet 941 STOL transport

November 1963

- description of British European Airways, which buys only British manufactured aircraft

- photo of Concord mock-up at Filton

- Lear Jet prototype first flight 7 October

- proposals for US supersonic transport

- Slingsby T.49 glider air test

December 1963

- Australia chooses F-111A over TSR-2

- doubts over TSR-2 programme

- roll-out of BAC Type 221 (rebuild of Fairey FD.2)

- report on fatal deep-stall accident to BAC One-Eleven G-ASHG

- TSR-2 full description

January 1964

- history of British Eagle

- TWA and Middle East Airlines have ordered Concords

- various airlines have put down deposits for American SSTs

- British Minister of Aviation indicates that 100 or more TSR-2s will be built

- Boeing 727 deliveries started 29 October

- recovering wreckage of various aircraft shot down during WW2 over Holland

February 1964

- future of the Fleet Air Arm

- Short Belfast first flight report

- France's Aéronavale

- description of Ilyushin Il-62

- Morane Rallye air test

March 1964

- American view of RAF Bomber Command

- Boeing, Lockheed and North American have submitted proposals for SSTs to the FAA

- Seven airlines have now ordered Concords

- Piper have delivered their 60,000th aircraft - a Twin Comanche

- New Paris airport (Paris-Nord) to be built - will open in 1970; Le Bourget will close

- description of USSR Mi-6 and V-10 helicopters

April 1964

- tripartite (USA, Britain, West Germany) evaluation of P.1127

- details of Lockheed A-11 reconnaisance aircraft (which will eventually develop into the
Mach 3 SR-71 Blackbird)

- Concord order book now stands at 39 aircraft

- an HS Trident completes 10 automatic landings

- article on HS 681
STOL transport

- Pilatus Porter
air test

May 1964

- detailed article on VC10

- Qantas have made down payments on four Concords; total Concord orders now stand at 43

- B.A.C. One-Eleven orders stand at 73

- Stansted will be developed as London's third airport

- description of Mach 8 North American X-15A-2

- Blanik sailplane
air test

June 1964

- Hanover show report

- Concord mods to improve performance

- Russia might produce world's first SST

- spokesman for GPO (forerunner of Royal Mail) comments that listening to ATC exchanges is illegal

- Eastern Bloc jet trainers

- cancelled registrations include British Eagle Airlines Britannia 312 G-AOVO, which crashed at Innsbruck 29/02

July 1964

- USA supplying Douglas Skyraiders and other types to the South Vietnamese Air Force

- Swissair orders 10 DC-9s; prototype DC-9 first flight scheduled for March 1965

- KLM reserves delivery positions for 3 Concords and 3 US SSTs

- Trans-Canada Air Lines renamed Air Canada

- North American XB-70A rolled out

- Euravia have bought 6 BOAC Britannia 102s

- Jodel Mascaret air test

August 1964

- D.H. 91 Albatross

- General Dynamics F-111 details

- B.A.C. 1-11 improvements

- Civil Air Transport (Taiwan)

- Slingsby Dart air test

- Mayflower Air Services (Airway to the Isles) taken over by British Westpoint airlines

September 1964

- preview of Farnborough Air Show

- Air India have ordered two Concords; order book now stands at 45

- Boeing announces Model 737 60-seat short range airliner

- BOAC reduces Super VC10 order

- review of Comet 4 operations

- RAF 'Red Pelicans' Jet Provost display team will appear at Farnborough Air Show

October 1964

- editorial comment that BOAC should buy British

- report on Farnborough Air Show

- Boeing airliner total order book stands at 658, including 222 727s

- pilots flying vintage aircraft in the film 'Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines' named

- history of Dan-Air

- Piper Twin Comanche air test

November 1964

- editorial bemoaning lack of aviation education in UK schools

- France's nuclear deterrent

- article on TSR-2, whose prototype has just flown

- British airline Euravia renamed 'Britannia Airways'

- some RAF Victor B.1 bombers being converted to tankers

- aviation in South America

December 1964

- U.S.A.F. - the world's largest air force

- F-111 rolled out

- Spey-powered version of HS (ex-DH) Comet suggested for Coastal Command Shackleton replacement

- University Air Squadrons

- B-17s in R.A.F. Service

- Hindustan HF-24 now in service

January 1965

- editorial concern over R.A.F.'s future

- Boeing 737 details

- Hercules ops on aircraft carrier U.S.S. Forrestal

concern over UK Government review of TSR-2 and Concord programmes

- Rollason's midget racer design competition

- Sopwith 'Atlantic' transport

February 1965

editorial deprecating the new Wilson government's decision to end the TSR-2, P.1154 and H.S.681 programmes

- Concorde has acquired a French 'e' added to its name

- B.E.A. will order 15 Trident 2Es

- Invicta Airways will shortly start operations from Manston

- article on the scrapped Canadian Avro Arrow fighter

March 1965

R.A.F. re-equipment plans after aircraft cancellations

- prototype DC-9 rolled out

- withdrawal of Vickers Valiant bomber from R.A.F. service

- Winston Churchill's enthusiasm for aviation

- light autogyros in the U.K.

April 1965

British airlines

- Boeing 737 go-ahead

- DC-9 maiden flight report

- TSR-2 cardinal points

- UK Defence White Paper